We all have a reason for being! What's yours?

My passion for coaching came through years of experience with helping others.

Life Coach and Speaker, Delicia Pennix, a Domestic Violence survivor, uses her story to encourage others to live their best lives and accomplish their dreams. A former Postal Carrier, she resiliently worked her way up to the position of Postmaster, in a male dominated field, while also balancing being a single mother. She stayed undeterred, mentoring, supporting, training and guiding hundreds of other employees as they developed their skills. Prior to her postal career, in 2005, Delicia suffered a brutal sledgehammer attack leaving her with head injuries and a fractured hand. Losing the knuckle to her middle finger and a tooth, she faced surgery and an unsure future.

I am a firm believer that things and people are in your life for a reason and a season...

Fast forward to 2018, she decided to rebuild, refocus, and reinvent herself. Doing so, she decided to focus on self-care and her mental health which in turn allowed Delicia to re-discover her ability to help others. Now using these abilities in her role as a life coach and speaker, she guides those who seek her service through developing structure, finding balance, and overcoming the barriers that block them from realizing their full potential. As she does so, it is Delicia’s mission to help others establish their empowerment and persevere through whatever they may face.

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Success Stories

I've been in therapy for a long time and don't get me wrong, I'm a huge believer in therapy. Therapy has gotten me through many hard times. This time around I felt like I had the knowledge of what was bothering me, but I felt lost and confused with how to do something about it. I needed help getting out of my own way, to start seeing things differently, and to actually start taking action. Working with Delicia helped me get out of my head. She helped me recognize certain beliefs that have been holding me back. She offered ideas and encouraged me to try actions that I never allowed myself to experience. As you may imagine, that was scary for me! Delicia was encouraging, compassionate, and listened to the entire way. She helped me learn that small steps (or small victories as she says) are the key to long-term success in whatever I chose to achieve. Most importantly, she helped me to accept myself where I am while giving me tools and encouragement to grow towards the person I want to be. I have grown more in the time I've been working with Delicia than in the last several years. She's gifted in being able to listen and see things we sometimes don't. She's an incredible combination of empathic, compassionate, practical, and will tell you like it is... with finesse. I feel empowered and FINALLY, believe that I can attain the life I want because of Delicia!

Anon C.

Dee was my direct supervisor and mentor. I looked up what is a great boss and found it is someone who inspires their employees to be their best selves. I believe that Dee is that person. When I first started my job, there were moments that were extremely frustrating. Dee gave me the resources to better understand my job, strategies to handle situations, and the confidence to make strong decisions. Dee let me run with my strengths and gave me the tools to build up my weaknesses. With her strong leadership, mentoring abilities, and communication skills, she made me feel like a capable part of a team.

Rhonda G

Akino coaching has helped me overcome my fears of public speaking. I am more situationally aware when I'm dealing with individual persons or crowds and has made me more confidenct in myself.

Geff R.